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The compact ChronoProof PRO with integrated compressor turns you into a specialist able to reliably seal test all types of wristwatch in no time at all. No parameterisation, no programming – just insert the watch, close the test chamber and the rest takes place automatically. Thanks to the integrated printer, you can also have the test result in black and white. You will find space for this compact unit (WxHxD = 155 x 220 x 300 mm) on every workbench and it looks just as good on any sales desk.

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Compact, accurate and easy to use: with the ChronoProof PRO you can acquire reliable seal test results in a flash, not to mention satisfied customers.


Worldwide one-of-a-kind: integrated compressor
The ChronoProof PRO is the first seal testing device with an integrated compressor for generating a vacuum and pressure, which makes it particularly compact and handy.


Integrated printer
Thanks to the integrated printer, you can print out your test results at the touch of a button. The header of the print-out slip can be individually configured, for example with your logo or company name. 


Reliable test results
Reliable results thanks to high-precision Witschi technology: the ChronoProof PRO offers measurement resolution of 0.02 µm, in other words 1/5000 of the thickness of an average human hair.


Automatic parameterisation
The test programs are automatically parameterised. It is not necessary to create programs. If needed, it is possible to define the test parameters manually.


Automatic test cycle 
The test cycle starts automatically on closing the test chamber. Stabilisation and measurement times are automatically adapted to suit the watch.


Easy user guidance thanks to capacitive touchscreen.


Three colours
The ChronoProof PRO is available in aluminium, steel and ruby.

Technical data

Vaccum: -0.5 bar

Pressure: 3 bar

Mesuring range deformation: -300 to 1000 µm

Sensor resolution: typically 0.02 µm 

Maximum watch size (case only):
Diameter: 70 mm
Thickness: 28 mm

Maximum strap diameter (e.g. in the case of non-flexible straps):
Horizontal: 85 mm
Vertical: 65 mm

Interface: USB 2.0

Mains supply: universal mains adaptor / 100 – 240 V~ / 50 – 60 Hz / 1.5A

Dimesions: 155  x 220 x 300 mm (WxDxH) 



Easy to operate

No technical know-how or staff training is necessary in order to be able to operate the ChronoProof PRO. It is so quick and easy to operate that you can, for example, carry out a seal test directly on your sales desk without further ado. Here's how to do it:



1. Switch on/open

Briefly depress the "ON/OFF" button on the rear of the device. On switching on, the flap opens automatically by approximately 90 degrees.



2. Preparing the test

This symbol indicates that you can place the watch in the sensor. To do this proceed as follows:


Open the flap as far as the stop.


Lift the sensor (= upper part of holding device), place the watch on the support and allow the sensor to be lowered carefully onto the watch.


The watch is fixed and the sensor in the test position.



3. Carrying out the test

This symbol indicates that the device is ready for the test procedure. To carry this out proceed as follows:


Close the flap.


During the test, a progress display is active. Once the test has been completed, the flap opens automatically by approximately 90 degrees.




4. Possible test results

"Watch is water-resistant"


“Watch is not water-resistant”

“Test has been interrupted”










5.  Print out test result (only devices with integrated printer)

Before removing the watch, press the “Print” button.


The test result is printed out.














6. New test / switching off

For a new test, start at Point 2.

To switch the device off, close the flap, wait until it is locked and hold down the "ON/OFF" switch for about 2 seconds.





Printer paper

Printer paper

Thermographic paper for the integrated ChronoProof printer, 57 x 35 mm
Item No.: JB01-RCT-57x30


Preis CHF 3.90

1 x 'Printer paper' order 

ChronoProof special seals

ChronoProof special seals

Sealing and protection in one: protect watches and watch straps from possible
scratches or damage (e.g. if the watch is dropped in the test chamber).
Item No.:


Preis CHF 28.00

1 x 'ChronoProof special seals' order 

Watch supports

Watch supports

Watch supports for testing very small or very large watches.
A set includes three supports with diameters of 8, 13 and 21 mm
Item No.: 31.20.801


Preis CHF 86.00

1 x 'Watch supports' order 

USB cable

USB cable

Standard USB cable, 1.8 m long, with connectors for Type A and Type B USB ports.
This cable in only necessary in the case of customer-specific configurations for the print-out of the results.
Item No.: JB0311.02.8830

Preis CHF 9.00

1 x 'USB cable' order 

Mains adaptor

Mains adaptor

Universal mains adaptor for input voltage of 100-240V~, 50-60Hz,
1.5A Output voltage 12V DC, 7.5A
Item No.: JA01-PS90A120


Preis CHF 82.60

1 x 'Mains adaptor' order