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ChronoCube ChronoCube ChronoCube ChronoCube ChronoCube ChronoCube


Insert watch, contact sensor, job done. The ChronoCube is a revolution in user-friendliness, quality and design. It measures rate variation, amplitude and beat error in mechanical watches in five measuring positions and would grace any sales desk thanks to its timeless good looks. You have a choice of three colours and either "CLASSIC" or "SPORT" user interfaces. Never before has watch performance testing been so easy, yet so elegant.

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With its compact, elegant design and ease of use, the ChronoCube is the ideal watch performance test device for sales areas, all watch service centres and ambitious watch collectors.


High-precision measurement results
Reliable and accurate measurement results for rate variation, amplitude and beat error thanks to Witschi technology.


Five measuring positions
The ChronoCube can be put into the following measuring positions manually: dial on top, dial underneath, crown on right, crown underneath and crown on left.
The measuring position is detected automatically and displayed.


Automatic beat number detection
Automatic detection of all current beat numbers (frequencies) between 12,000 and 72,000 A/h.


Simple system with no parameterisation necessary
The ChronoCube system consists of a measuring device and software – no parameterisation is necessary.


Choice of user interfaces
You have a choice of two user interfaces - "CLASSIC" and "SPORT».


Three colours
The ChronoCube is available in aluminium, steel and ruby.




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Technical data

Lift angle: Ajustable from 10° to 90°

Measuring mode: standard mode for mechanical watches

Measuring ranges:
Rate variation: ± 999 s/d or ± 99.9 s/d,
resolution: 1 s/d or 0.1 s/d
Amplitude: 80° to 360°, resolution 0.1 °
Beat error: 0 to 9.9 ms, resolution 0.1 ms 

Interface: USB 2.0

Power supply: 5VDC, max. 500 mA via USB (no separate mains supply)

Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 115 mm (WxHxD)


Easy to operate

No training, no complicated operating instructions – just insert the watch, contact the sensor, put the handy ChronoCube into one of the five possible measuring positions and wait for the results. The ChronoCube automatically detects the measuring position. Here's how to do it:



1. Start up software program

Start the ChronoCube program on your PC and make sure that the PC and ChronoCube are linked by means of a USB cable. The ChronoCube system will now be ready for operation after a maximum of 2 minutes.
















2. Carrying out the measurement

Open the ChronoCube by gently touching on the Witschi logo and place the watch on the carriage as per the illustration. Close the carriage by touching the Witschi logo once again.

Measurement starts automatically.

The measuring position will be displayed on your screen immediately. The measurement result of a measuring position appears after a stabilisation period of 20 seconds.















3. possible test positions

Dial on top

Crown on right

Dial underneath

Crown on left



Crown underneath